You’ve entered a website address that does not match our records.

Try this:

Check the contract website address that’s in the communication EyeMed sent you. Re-enter the numbers at the end of the web address exactly as they appear on the communication.  

Note -- if your number begins with any zeroes, do not include the zeroes.


  • If your number in the communication is 001234567, you would enter: http://www.eyemedrecert.com/Contract/1234567.
  • If your number in the communication is 123456789, you would enter: http://www.eyemedrecert.com/Contract/123456789.


  • Call EyeMed Customer Care at 1.855.219.4576
  • Visit EyeMed’s inFocus website at eyemedinfocus.com for more information on our updated business model. Select “The basics” then “Updated Business Model” from the main menu.